Your Redemptive Healing

In Your Redemptive Healing you will find healing for the past and hope for the future!
God desperately wants to transform the experiences that cause you hurt, disappointment, dysfunction or confusion by bringing them into the light of His presence. He intends for us to be whole and has made provision for our wholeness. But most people don't know how to appropriate His provision.

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  Do you have a hard time giving and receiving love?
Do you live with rage and anger?
Has shame shaped your personality?
Are you meeting legitimate needs in inappropriate ways?
Have your self-esteem and self-image been marred?

  Jan McCray - 'This book will show you how to bring your past into the light of God's transforming presence. You will be led, step by step, through disclosure and deliverance, and be shown how to activate and appropriate your redemptive healing. Freedom, wholeness and blessing await you!"

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